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Prograde Krill Oil

Prograde Krill Oil

Prograde Krill Oil is a revolutionary and quantum improvement for your health.

You see, the fish or crustacean we use to get our fish oil from is NOT the cheap stuff, but is Krill oil. Krill oil is very different than regular fish oil. If you haven’t heard of Krill before, it’s because it’s very hard to get. Krill are small crustaceans found in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic Ocean. The extraction of oil from Krill is a relatively new technology.

Prograde Krill Oil is much better for your health than regular Fish Oil for many reasons including …

  1. The antioxidant power is 297 times greater than vitamin A or E, and 47 times greater than regular fish oil! Regular fish oil is very low in antioxidant content. This is measured by the standard ORAC value.
  2. Its most powerful antioxidant effects are produced by astaxanthin which is NOT contained in regular fish oil. It readily crosses the blood-brain barrier, which helps to both protect and stimulate the brain for a better mood, better memory and clearer thinking.
  3. This is important: Prograde Krill Oil contains phospholipids which form a microscopic barrier that helps cells filter out toxins and free radical damage that can result in serious illnesses. Regular fish oil does NOT contain this.
  4. It has 500% better absorption by your body than regular fish oil, according to U.S. Government National Institutes Of Health.
  5. There is NO fishy aftertaste or digestion problems. No “fish burps”, or acid reflux that often occur with regular fish oil.

Fish oils are widely acknowledged to be really useful for our general health as a result of the presence of Omega 3 Fatty acids. Well respected professionals, doctors, and nutritionists highly recommend Omega 3 consisting of fish oils since antioxidants present in them can lessen the damage caused by free radicals. However, current clinical researchers suggest that Krill Oil is now quickly becoming a lot more effective replacement of fish oils. We at Prograde Nutrition Guide, a review and research based site has studied the perks of Krill Oil in detail to help consumers with useful information. Our research (from Prograde Nutrition) recommends that Krill Oil can be a magic remedy having a collection of well-being rewards which includes superior blood pressure, energy, vision, memory, rest, immunity, heart disease, and a great deal more.

Krill Oil Studies

Present medical research indicates that Prograde Krill Oil transcends other forms of fish oil because it could enhance exceptional cholesterol levels by 10% a great deal more and minimizes inadequate cholesterol by 16 times more, compared with regular fish oils. A study carried out by Western Ontario and McMaster University suggests that Krill Oil is 3 instances more successful for dealing with discomfort relief than normal fish oils. It additionally stabilizes the amount of blood glucose and enhances the metabolic process of glucose to trigger much easier and quicker fat burning. Krill Oil lessens the risk of heart attacks by preventing hypertension.

The substantial Prograde Krill Oil examination notifies that this item has an unbelievably higher concentration of antioxidants which consists of Astaxanthin that could assist attain clear contemplating, far better memory and excellent mood. None of the routine fish oils include this very crucial antioxidant. Phospholipids are an added component of Krill Oil which is not found in any type of in the regular fish oils. Talking about the gist of their examination, a senior analyst from Progradenutritionguide.com states, “Krill Oil has limitless advantages for our general well being and several of those usually are not present in typical fish oils. Prograde Krill Oil is highly suggested on the basis of the searching’s for of our evaluation”.