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About Prograde Nutrition Supplements


My name is Jeff Stripp and I created this site because I want to share my thoughts and learnings about nutrition. Call it a passion, of sorts, for my mind to dump itself into this site in the form of blog postings. I have always loved to write about my life, experiences, and learnings – most of the information to date is in journal format – consider this my living journal about nutrition.

Just a Little About Me

A little about me ~ Father. Lacrosse Coach. Aspiring 5K Runner. Lots of Coffee in the AM. Loving Husband. Cheryl Crow Fan. Enjoy Serving People.

Things I love… spending time with family, coffee (good coffee and sometimes crappy coffee), running (a new found love), digital marketing, SEO, PPC, e-Commerce, coaching lacrosse, traveling (need to do more of this) and listening to a Spotify (favorite stations: Cranberries, James Taylor, Cheryl Crow, The Allman Brothers, and Journey.

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Now on to Prograde Nutrition Supplements…

Why Do Thousands Of Coaches & Health and Fitness 
Professionals Trust And Recommend Prograde Nutrition Products?

With nutritional supplements, it comes down to one thing: Trust.

There’s a reason we are recommended by thousands of health and fitness professionals: Because if these dedicated professionals, who make their living based on their client’s results, recommended something that didn’t work (or worse, was unsafe), they’d be on the streets.

Bottom line: At Prograde Nutrition we NEVER cut corners.

You can trust Prograde because you know them…

Spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on clinical trials – including the $300,000 on our fat burning Prograde Metabolism product.

Have a real call center with real operators. We know you hate Internet companies that hide behind email. We do too.

Every raw ingredient purchased comes with a Certificate of Analysis, and we do further microbiological testing during the manufacturing process to guarantee purity.

NO product leaves our facility without passing quality control checks.

Every machine used in the production of our products is thoroughly sanitized between production runs, so there’s no chance of cross-contamination of ingredients.

Our powder products (think protein powder) contain NO artificial sweeteners.

The Krill oil we use in our best-selling EFA Icon is the highest grade you can find anywhere.

We could go on and on but, the bottom line is:

When you are serious about your health and your body, put your trust in Prograde Nutrition, just like those thousands of smart health and fitness professionals do every single day.