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Prograde Nutrition Guide

Welcome to Prograde Nutrition Guide! I’m Jeff Stripp, the heart and soul behind this site. With an insatiable curiosity for nutrition and a penchant for sharing my insights, this site has become my canvas. Here, I unfold a living journal of my discoveries, musings, and life experiences centered around the fascinating world of nutrition.

Behind The Words

At my core, I’m a family man – a proud father and a devoted husband. When I’m not pouring my thoughts into this site or indulging in a cup (or three) of my morning coffee, I wear many hats. As the Chief Revenue Officer for an e-Commerce firm, I’m ingrained in the ever-evolving world of digital commerce. The strategic intricacies of marketing and sales are second nature to me.

Beyond the corporate realm, you’ll find me on the lacrosse field, coaching and mentoring young girls. It’s a role I cherish, drawing parallels between the discipline of sports and life. And while I’ve donned the title of an ‘Aspiring 5K Runner’, each stride brings me closer to that finish line.

Music? It’s the backdrop to my life. Whether I’m unwinding or fueling a workout, the harmonious tunes of Cheryl Crow, The Cranberries, James Taylor, The Allman Brothers, and Damien Rice echo in my ears, thanks to my trusty Spotify.

Passions That Drive Me

While my professional life keeps me busy, it’s my personal passions that truly light up my world. From the quiet moments spent with family to the energizing rush of a morning run; from the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee (be it gourmet or just plain old joe) to the thrill of exploring new destinations – these are the little joys that keep my spirit alive.

Above all, it’s my earnest desire to assist others on their journey, be it through coaching, sharing insights, or simply lending an ear. The Prograde Nutrition Guide is my humble attempt to touch lives, inspire wellness, and foster a community that thrives on knowledge and growth.


We are proud to be partnered with Jayson Hunter, Registered Dietitian and JayLab Pro Nutrition.

As a Registered Dietitian Jayson has always been a food first person and believes that establishing a solid nutritional foundation is key to reaching your nutrition and health goals. That foundation is built from food first. Then once your nutritional foundation is solid should you add in specific supplements to fill in any weaknesses in that foundation. As our partner Jayson acts as our Senior Registered Dietician which gives Prograde Nutrition customers access to Jayson to answer any nutrition-related questions. What questions do you have that you would like to be answered by Registered Dietitian, Jayson Hunter? Submit your nutrition questions here.

Philosophy: Health, Love, Purpose


At the very heart of our existence lies our health. It’s not just about the absence of illness, but the vigor and vitality that fuels our every day. For me, nutrition isn’t just about food, it’s about nourishing the body and the soul. Adopting a Simple. Balanced. Beautiful. approach to nutrition empowers us to embrace life with a newfound zest. Exercise, on the other hand, isn’t just a regimen. It’s a celebration of what our bodies can achieve. Every time we push ourselves, embrace that exhilarating burn, and emerge stronger – it’s a testament to our resilience. When we make health our priority, we unlock a life teeming with possibilities.


In a world that often rushes past us, love is our anchor. This might sound a tad spiritual, but love is my compass, guiding every action, every word, and every thought. But this journey starts inward. By being gentle with ourselves, by understanding our inner child, our fears, our dreams – we create a reservoir of love. This internal wellspring allows us to shower empathy, kindness, and love to those around us. And in this process, we sow seeds for future generations to cultivate the same compassion. As John Lennon beautifully put it, “Love is a promise. Love is a souvenir. Once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.”


Purpose is the beacon that illuminates our path. In a chaotic world, it’s easy to get lost. But with a sense of purpose, every step becomes intentional. By knowing our values, by setting clear priorities around our heart’s true desires, we find clarity. This clarity directs our actions, our relationships, and our aspirations. Living with purpose means making an impact, leaving a mark not just on our own life but on the lives of others too. For when we stand for something bigger than ourselves, we truly live a life of meaning and fulfillment.

Thank You!

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Dive in, explore, and let’s unravel the wonders of nutrition together. Welcome to the Prograde family!


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