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About Prograde Nutrition

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About Prograde Nutrition

My name is Jeff Stripp and I created this site because I want to share my thoughts and learnings about nutrition. Call it a passion, of sorts, for my mind to dump itself into this site in the form of blog postings. I have always loved to write about my life, experiences, and learnings – most of the information to date is in journal format – consider this my living journal about nutrition.

Just a Little About Me

A little about me ~ Father. Lacrosse Coach. Aspiring 5K Runner. Lots of Coffee in the AM. Loving Husband. Cheryl Crow Fan. Enjoy Helping People

Things I loveā€¦ spending time with family, coffee (good coffee and sometimes crappy coffee), running (a newfound love), blogging and WordPress, coaching lacrosse, Homeland, marketing, traveling (need to do more of this), and listening to a Pandora (favorite stations: Cranberries, James Taylor, Cheryl Crow, The Allman Brothers, and Damien Rice.

Free Reports

Be sure to check out our free report: “What to Never Eat After a Workout”