January 1


Detox Your Fat in 2013

By Jeff Stripp

January 1, 2013

leptin, weight loss

To get you started on the right foot I’ve got a really cool quiz for you on fat loss. The quiz will help you understand how to Detox Your Fat.

When you done taking the quiz, let me know how you do!

True or False: 2013 Fat Loss Quiz >>

Going into 2013 I want to make sure you really understand this: You Can NEVER Lose Fat. Now, you might think that is very bad news. Well, it kinda is, and kinda isn’t. When you read this you’ll understand why. It’ll only take a second and it will help you instantly detox your fat.

New Research Shows You Can NEVER Lose Fat

By Jeff Stripp

Jeff Stripp

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My name is Jeff Stripp and I created this site because I want to share what I have learned about nutrition through years of coaching athletes. Call it a passion, of sorts. I have always loved to write about my life and experiences – consider this my living journal about nutrition.

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